Management of uninhabited islands
  • Purpose
    • There is a risk of contamination of marine resources and environment when the sea, which is the public property of all citizens, when it is developed and checked without control.
    • As there is much effort and cost needed for restoration and improvement of contaminated sea, there is a need for systematic measures to prevent environmental pollution.
      ⇒ The sea area utilization consultation (evaluation) scheme is operated to minimize or eliminate the negative impact factors by predicting/evaluating the impact of development.
  • Year-by-Year Outcome

    Municipality Total Gunsan-si Buan-gun Gochang-gun
    Islands 50 34 14 2
  • Survey of Uninhabited Islands
    • The survey of uninhabited islands is the program of regularly conducting the comprehensive survey of ecological values, geographical and natural attributes human-social environments and then categorizing the management types based on the conservation values derived from the survey to establish the measures to systematically use each type and routinely inspecting each uninhabited island to correct the identified problems.
    • Gunsan Regional Office of Ocean and Fisheries completed the survey of 50 uninhabited islands in 2013. The Ministry of Ocean and Fisheries (Marine Territory division) plans to establish the management category of each island after further reviews including the consultation with municipalities.
  • Inspection of Uninhabited Islands
    • While the survey of uninhabited islands is a comprehensive professional survey of conditions of uninhibited islands, the inspection of uninhibited islands is an inspections of management conditions such as damage of the islands, contamination of surrounding waters and utilization of uninhibited islands.
    • Gunsan Regional Office of Ocean and Fisheries inspected 48 islands (excluding two islands managed by military) in 2013 and 48 islands (ground inspection on five islands) in 2014. As the program is part of broad coast management, the importance of which is growing socially, the office plans to strengthen the inspection of the uninhibited islands in its jurisdiction. The policy is to inspect all islands and conduct ground inspection on 10% or more of them.

      • Responsible department : Dept. of Marine Environment / TEL: 063)441-2265
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